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Join me for an interactive 6 week exploration of our senses, the human brain, and the tricks you can play on them, in my brand new online science club for 7-11 year olds.

Think you see with your eyes and taste with your tongue? Prepare to be amazed, confounded and confused as your kids find out that senses aren’t as simple as they seem…and even discover some senses they never knew they had.  (You might even learn something yourself!) 

I can't wait to share my passion and get more kids interested in the amazing world of brain science!


What you (and your kids) will get

  • A brain-bending introduction video from me, packed with facts about your amazing brain.

  • 6 weekly activity packs delivered direct to your inbox. Each week will focus on one or more senses, and will include a link to a video introduction, plus ‘do it yourself’ illusions, games, activities and experiments. Each week’s session is designed to take about an hour.

  • 5 Q & A videos- from week 2 onward, your weekly pack will include a video of me answering questions that have been sent in the previous week. You can submit questions at any time by emailing me or tagging me on Twitter. Each week I will pick my favourites to answer in the Q & A video (and, of course, give a shout-out to whoever submitted them!)


What you need

  • An email address and internet access

  • A printer

  • Some basic materials- paper, scissors, thin card, colouring pencils etc. A full kit-list will be sent out with the first pack, but I have tried to keep it to things you are likely to have around the house.

  • Some of the activities need two people - so you might need a willing volunteer/ guinea pig, or to be one yourself!

Keen to sign up?


I was planning to launch this club at a cost of £30 per child, but I know everyone is going through a tough time at the moment, so instead I am making it Pay-As-You-Can. I hope this makes the course available to as many people as possible. If you are able to, I would really appreciate a donation- as I’m sure you can understand, with school shows and events being cancelled, my income has taken a dip too. 

You can make any donations here:                            

The current cohort of the science club is currently closed, but sign up here to be notified when the next one starts

Join the waiting list

For schools


If you teach at a school that is still open, this can be run as a full day session, daily lessons spread over 1 week, or one session a week for 6 weeks, all delivered remotely. Just get in touch and I can tailor it to your preferences.

If you have moved to remote learning, this could be a great addition to your lessons- I can even run a private course just for your students. Just drop me an email and we can discuss the details. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to


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