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Science Communication is a fascinating and rewarding career option, but one that many students don't realise exists. I can provide anything from a 1 hour talk about my career in Sci Comms and the opportunities that are out there to a week long intensive workshop exploring different aspects; from recording and editing a podcast to presenting on stage and writing engaging news stories.  Please contact me to discuss how best I can create a session that fits your needs.

For Scientists


I think it is of vital importance that scientists learn how to explain their science in a way that everyone can understand, so I can run training courses to help with this. 

Each course is tailored to your requirements, so do get in touch if you are interested in discussing further.

Training Experience 


The Art of Popular Science Writing

For Things We Don't Know, I lead an interactive training session British Science Association's 2014 Science Communication Conference. The session covered writing science articles for a non-specialist audience, and included discussions on language use, choosing a good story, and tailoring your work for different audiences. 


We adapted this into a full day workshop for UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, which was held at the British Interplanetary Society in London. It gave attendees the chance to work on their writing and editing skills, as well as learn about how to set up a blog.


This workshop is particularly suited to scientists looking to take their first steps into popular writing. If you are interested in taking part in, or organising, a similar session, drop me an email. 


UK- Japan Young Scientists

In 2015, I ran a 3 day, hands-on training session for a group of 6th form students from Japan and the UK. With the help of two translators, I introduced the students to the world of science communication, before sending them off to record interviews with scientists themselves. I helped them edit their audio, and produce a finished podcast that was something to be extremely proud off. The students seemed to really enjoy learning something completely different and went away with skills not just in getting scientific concepts across in a clear and engaging manner, but also with the technical knowledge of using recording equipment and editing software. 


If you would like to know more, click here to contact me.->

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