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I am looking for a freelance presenter to join my team, delivering my neuroscience/ psychology shows in schools, and at events. 

  • You will receive full training on 2 shows I have developed (one for primary and one for secondary schools) and your own sets of kit, which you will be responsible for.

  • The role will operate on a freelance basis, with payment dependant on number of shows delivered in the day, but starting at £200 per day (plus travel expenses)

  • Shows will mainly fall within school hours & during term time, and will require travel (many of my bookings are in or near London, but in theory they can be anywhere), so flexibility is needed. A car would be helpful, but I regularly take the kit on the train, so public transport is do-able!

  • Number of shows is variable, but I would expect between 5-10 over the course of the year, mostly within school term-time. This means the role could fit well for someone with other freelance roles, or a flexible work schedule.

  • A background in neuroscience, psychology or a related field would be helpful, but an interest and willingness to learn is more important.

  • Applicants should be confident on stage, and sci-comm experience is preferred, but not vital.


If you are interested, please send an email to by 13th Oct including:
  •           Why you think you would be right for this role.

  •           Your sci-comm/ presenting experience.

  •           Your previous experience in psychology/ neuroscience (if any).

  •           Your current work (or study) situation, and how that would fit in with this position.

  •            Any videos of yourself presenting (if you have them)

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