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About Me

Hi, I’m Ginny- a neuroscience expert and science communicator. Basically I’m a storyteller- I love telling stories about science, and helping others to do the same, drawing out the interesting narratives behind the facts and figures. 


I read Natural Sciences at Cambridge, giving me a broad scientific background, but my main passion and expertise is in psychology and neuroscience, so I focus on helping kids and adults understand our complex minds. I also use my knowledge of the way our brains work to help communicate challenging scientific concepts in a way that is memorable and engaging. I live and breathe science in a way that brings people in. Science is fun and fascinating and ever changing, and I want to help everyone share in the joy of curiosity and exploration. 


As part of this I’ve written and contributed to books, articles, blog posts, podcasts and video content. I’m a regular on the 2021 Chortle Award winning Cosmic Shambles Network, alongside some of the biggest names in science, from Prof. Brian Cox to Matt Parker. In the corporate and education space, I’m a science communication trainer and consultant, supporting clients from the University of Cambridge to Frost Science Museum in Miami. In 2020, I founded Braintastic! Science, dedicated to getting kids excited about science through interactive shows, workshops and activities. I run regular sessions on topics including memory & learning and sleep for the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education. My first solo book “Overloaded”, all about the brain chemicals that control us, is out now!


Find out more below about how I can help you with science writing, presenting, training or consulting and get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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At heart I’m a science storyteller- I love unearthing stories of scientists’ passion and tenacity, and shining a light on developments that could change the world. My broad background in science helps me sort the real stories from the pseudoscience, and I have a network of experts to call on when I need them. I pride myself on the ability to translate complex concepts into the right level for any reader. And I draw on my knowledge of how our brains really work to create engaging and captivating content.


I have 10 years’ experience writing for numerous publications and websites including BBC Science Focus, Things We Don’t Know and the Naked Scientists . I have co-written 4 books for DK publishing, including the bestselling ‘How the Brain Works’ and my first solo book, ‘Overloaded’, about how our brain chemistry controls our every day lives, was published by Bloomsbury in April 2021. 



If you’re in need of an engaging contributor, expert opinion or columnist; I’d love to talk to you.




On Stage


Tired of the same old after dinner speakers, or stuffy keynote addresses at your conference or event? Rest assured that when you book me, you are getting a show; not a seminar. Fun and memorable, but based on real science.


A regular sell-out at the UK’s largest science festivals, my sessions translate the latest findings from neuroscience and psychology to our everyday lives - from how to make better business decisions to how we learn and remember! Thought provoking and entertaining, they use interactive elements like games and quizzes to get everyone involved and thinking about how to get the best out of their brains. 


If your business is keen to try something a little bit different at your next event learn more about my shows and get in touch to book.


On Screen

As happy on screen as I am on stage, I’m a regular for the Cosmic Shambles Network and an experienced presenter - live, on location and in the studio.


Whether you are looking for a brain specialist, a documentary presenter who understands the science or a skilled interviewer to get the best out of your experts, I can help. Or if you’re looking for engaging video content for social media or outreach communicating the science, technology and engineering behind your company, I offer a professional quality package tailored to your specifications, with a team of producers and editors I can call on to make your life easier.

Check out my showreel to see more of my work. You may also be interested in my YouTube channel and the podcast I make for the British Psychological Society


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Taking Notes

Across my 10 years’ experience communicating science I’ve learned what makes STEM concepts really resonate. I’ve made a living (and a business) teaching the art of communication to people of all ages. I am a trainer for the University of Cambridge PhD development programme and have run a number of other writing and presenting training courses, including for the Finding Ada Conference, and the British Interplanetary Society


I am passionate about providing scientists and organisations with the techniques they need to grab their audience’s attention and keep it. By understanding how our brains work when we communicate, I’ll help you to find your story and craft it into a talk, workshop or activity that will really engage your audience. You’ll learn new techniques and creative delivery mechanisms to drive home your message. 


Whether you’re looking to help researchers communicate their work or strengthen your community outreach and engagement programme, my targeted training can build confidence and increase impact.

New: I have distilled some of my best tips & tricks into an on-demand Udemy Course, available to individuals anywhere in the world! Just click below to find out more about using Storytelling for Science Communication



Perhaps you just need support on a project? I can help. From telling Darwin’s stories on a cruise ship in the Galapagos; to creating busking activities for a science museum in Miami or interactive exhibits on geothermal energy for a non-profit in East Anglia, I will make your science shine. 


Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective, so whether you’re a museum, university, non-profit or corporate, let me improve your public-facing science communication. I’m comfortable working independently or as part of your internal team to help deliver your vision, and develop shows, hands-on activities and exhibitions. Together we will tease out the narrative in your content and find ways to excite people about your work. With a broad science background I know the right questions to ask to get the best out of your experts. And I bring a strong network of other expert scientists and communicators to help target specific audiences or even build your physical exhibits!


Get in touch to share your ideas and arrange a call to explore how I can support your specific project.


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