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I currently offer two talks, but I’m always happy to explore new ideas if you have something specific in mind. These aren’t seminars, mind you.They are full-blown shows, designed to entertain as well as educate, and make a perfect choice for after-dinner entertainment, or a memorable keynote speech.

How to make better business decisions

This show uses demos, experiments and quizzes to show how our brains trick us every day. Why do we tend to throw good money after bad, finding it so hard to step away from a failed investment? And how does our risk appetite change in light of unexpected profits? Learn to navigate the quirks of your brain to make smarter business choices. Identify unconscious biases and avoid missteps by understanding our human defaults and how to challenge them or use them to your advantage in negotiation.

Talks- How to make better business decis

The chemicals that control you

Our lives are shaped by our brain chemicals. They create our fondest memories, influence how we make decisions and who we love, and dictate basic survival drives such as hunger, fear and sleep. Molecules like adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin may commonly crop up in headlines, but how much do we really know about how hormones and neurotransmitters control every aspect of our lives? In this talk, I explore what these tiny molecules do. It’s a fascinating session full of cutting-edge research and real-world examples of how neurochemicals (and their manipulation) impact every part of our lives

Talks- The chemicals that control

Reach out to book one of my existing talks or to discuss your ideas for an upcoming event.

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