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My Workshops

As a neuroscientist and a storyteller, I know how to help people learn. Through my training courses, I help others to explore their own persona and harness it for better public speaking. They’ll learn to identify and structure scientific concepts in an engaging way, and come away confident they can tell their own story, through whatever medium they choose. 

Session 1: Finding your story

Participants will turn fact into narrative. They’ll learn why people love stories so much and how to craft one. And they will consider ways to tailor any scientific content for their specific audience. Lastly, they will complete a guided exercise to build the framework for their story on the day. It’s a powerful workshop designed to provide long-term success in any form of science communication. 

Session 2: Telling your story

Here participants develop their speaking persona. They learn what makes someone engaging on stage and how to incorporate visuals and interactive elements effectively. They’ll be coached on handling challenges and audience involvement. And they will walk away with a short presentation they’ve developed during the session.

I’m happy to tailor this training for a particular grant or programme, and can deliver it in a full day or half sessions, or through a series of virtual webinars. We can also add as-live practice interviews to build confidence and media skills - whether for podcasts or TV. Click the link below for more information on these sessions or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.


 Great way to better your speaking ability.

Very well taught. Good if you want to be better at explaining research to wider audience more efficiently.

This workshop allowed me to reflect on different ways and modes of communicating complex concepts to different audiences at different levels. .

 I can highly recommend this training!

Useful for all kind of presentations in academic and non-academic contexts.

I would definitely recommend even if already confident presenting.

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