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About Me

About Me.

Hi, I’m Ginny and I’m a science writer and presenter, and a science communication trainer and consultant. Basically I’m  a storyteller- I love telling stories about science, and helping others to do the same. 

 While I have a broad background in many different sciences, my main passion and expertise is in psychology and neuroscience, so I spend the majority of my time devoted to helping kids and adults understand our complex minds. I also use my knowledge of the way our brains work to help communicate tough scientific concepts in a way that is memorable and engaging. 

I live and breathe science in a way that brings people in. Science is fun and fascinating and ever changing, and I want to give everyone the chance to share in the joy of curiosity and exploration. 
As part of this mission, I’ve written and contributed to books, articles, blog posts, podcasts and video content. I’m a regular on the Cosmic Shambles Network, alongside some of the biggest names in science, from Brian Cox to Matt Parker. In the corporate and education space, I’m a  science communication trainer and consultant. In 2020, I founded Brantastic!, dedicated to getting kids excited about  with science through shows, workshops and activities. And this year, I’m releasing my first solo book “Overloaded”, all about the brain chemicals that control our lives

Find out more about how I can help you with science writing, presenting, training or consulting.

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